Begin preparations for 2009, published in July 2010 Necessary. From two different styles of Japan Designers. Including two brands LIBE and Necessary. The LIBE is mainly Hip-Hop and skateboarding. Since its establishment in 1997 in Japan. LIBE has some popularity in Japan. Japan is now a total of 47 specific selling point. To the introduction of Hong Kong and Taiwan, together with Necessary. The Necessary selling brand set point. Necessary design concept of the brand is no specific restrictions and strides across time. Including music, art and bit life.

2009年開始籌備,2010年7月出版的NECESSARY。從兩個不同風格的日本設計師。其中包括兩個品牌LIBE和NECESSARY。 LIBE主要的賣點是嘻哈和滑板。自1997年在日本成立至今,日本目前共47個銷售點。由NECESSARY引進, 香港和台灣為代理點。NECESSARY的設計理念,品牌是沒有具體的限制,跨越年代和時間,包括音樂,藝術和生活點滴。